Over 35 years in tiles industry


Parrella Tiles combines the personal touch of a family-owned and operated business with expert staff. John Parrella and his wife Carole has operated in the tile industry for over 35 years. Parrella Tiles has developed strong working relationships with all their suppliers and manufacturers across the world ensuring dependable sources of supply and quality products. John envisaged over 15 years ago that the Residential sector would move, as it did overseas, to multi Residential demand. John has a passion for Parrella Tiles to be seen in the Industry as a Company of ideas , innovation, creative, and not just a tile distributor.


John did his research in European Countries and found cost of living was increasing daily and people could not afford to live in the luxury of home and land. The trend was showing that people preferred to live in apartments with lower maintenance style and close to their place of employment. At this point John decided to specialize in supplying Tiles, Marble and Granite to Multi Residential and Commercial projects. Parrella Tiles now, by eliminating their retail and wholesale business, is more competitive in the field. This is very attractive to Builders and Developers as costs are always escalating because of our high cost of living.  

Family Business

Parrella Tiles has always been a family owned business and this will continue as John and Carole’s son , Damien, has been educated in a succession plan to take over the management of the family company for years to come. John will still occasionally show his presence as he is very proud of what he created and achieved .

Additional Products

Damien has been involved with the Company for over 15 years. He has a world of knowledge in tiles and also L.E.D lights. Parrella Tiles together with Eco2 Solutions now offer this extra service which eliminates time consuming factor for our Clients. Damien has been very successful in the lights sector as he has supplied many projects. Damien has designed exclusive and specific requests, including Chandeliers, for main Foyers of projects that separates them from others.
Parrella Tiles now concentrate on searching for products that are suitable for projects and meet the budget requested. We now, in a joint venture with our factories, also offer the opportunity to produce a particular product to suit the project.

Our Clients

Our clients are some of the largest Construction Companies and Developers in Australia. We dare to say that most of our clients have been dealing with us for 30 years and more.


More people today appreciate high quality and do not hesitate to pay for it. As the saying goes “There is no such thing as price, there is only value for money”. Parrella Tiles has become one of the leading and respected ceramic tile companies in Australia…” with customer satisfaction comes repeat business.”
We have built a great relationship with major Factories in Asia to ensure that our products we offer are of high quality levels and meet all Australian Standard requirements.


We pride in our personal service we offer as we have for over 35 years. We make no apologies for our success as we have worked hard for it. We thank all our clients who have dealt with us all these years as they have helped us to be successful.


Please view our website that has been revised to reflect the products that are in demand and most suited to our modern day apartments. The products we search are a reflection of Natural products such as Marble , Granite and Stone. The site will be constantly updated with new products. Most of our range of products have been selected in numerous major projects in Queensland. Our products enhance the high quality projects and modern designs by our clients.
Feel free at anytime to call us for any information you require.
We thank you for your ongoing support.

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